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HOFT Developers is an emerging developer community, we are passionate about you and how you impact your local community! It is a free developer community!


We have removed the money barrier, we are removing the technical difficulty barrier, but are you willing to take that technological leap forward?

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We guide you through generating

realistic-production ready ideas.

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By adding spice to your ideas, you develop best-in-class objectives to achieve your goals.
Beyond just in-class training, we guide you to develop enterprise-grade projects.

HOFT exposed me to various technical skills!

I became a "THU tribe" and can apply for the "Sony Talent League" because of my portfolio projects which were designed in HOFT. THU is one of the largest mentorship tribes in the world and by joining them you have job security.

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Quwiyy Ajibade

HOFT served as an indispensable bridge to my all-time goal of being a game developer and engaging the labor market. HOFT not only gave me the ability to learn remotely at my own pace, but I was also ravished with the materials and mentorship I needed to learn.

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Aaron Isreal

HOFT Developers have given me the opportunity to work with a group of people in real-time. I gained human-interaction experiences and leveled up my technical skills. Thanks to HOFT, I have scaled up my UI/UX skills beyond imagination within the shortest possible time.

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Daniel Olabemiwo

Interning with HOFT Developers has been of immense value to me in areas of stepping up my UI/UX skill, networking, and teamwork.


Ayinde Abimbola

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HOFT Developers is an emerging developer community where undergraduates and tech enthusiasts gather around to learn new skills, solve local | global problems and innovate new solutions.
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We want to equip undergraduates, graduates, and technology enthusiasts with emerging technology skills and strategies required to make a digital transformation.
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