About HOFT Developers


HOFT Developers is an emerging developer community, undergraduates and tech enthusiasts gather around to learn new skills, solve local | global problems and innovate new solutions.

We are passionate about you and how you impact your local community! It is a free developer community! We have removed the money barrier and we are removing the technical difficulty barrier.

We focus on cross-platform projects, where we combine a series of technologies together to make a significant product.

What We Do

We function using a three batch system;

Ideas: We guide you through generating realistic-production-ready ideas.

Strategy: we add spice to your ideas, as you develop best-in-class objectives to achieve your goals.

Develop: Beyond just in-class training, we help you as you develop enterprise-grade projects.


Come Play with Us

HOFT Developers is transforming the way students now access technical skills, we believe training should be free and we continue to pioneer this movement by training students without an entry fee.

We develop member projects which cut across all departments (cross-departmental projects), as we continue our journey we hope you can join us.

Web Developer
  • Professional experience developing in back-end and front-end stacks

  • Experience with Java & Spring Boot

  • Experience with REST APIs

  • Experience with SQL/NoSQL databases (MySQL/ElasticSearch)

Video Editor
  • Work experience in the world of Social Media

  • Work experience in Film/TV production and Post Production

  • Strong research and communication skills.

Project Manager
  • Experience in software development processes such as Agile

  • Practical experience using Jira, Asana, Trello, or related task management software

  • Strong communication skills across all departments.

Graphics Designer
  • Experience as a Graphic Designer

  • Hands-on experience with graphic design.

  • Proficient use of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Slides

Open Positions (Volunteer)