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Drone Simulator

Check out the drone simulator a cross-departmental project, harnessing extended reality, UI/UX, and data science. Drone movement is controlled using realistic mathematical calculations with advanced fluid dynamics.

Take your controller and get ready to fly away

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Image by Eftakher Alam

E-Commerce User Interface

Financial activities data keeping is very important. Many individuals give in-accurate financial information due to the inability of keeping records.

ScaleUP is targeted at helping individuals keep accurate information about their finances, with ScaleUP you can fill in details about your income and expenditures while we do the mathematics.  A major secondary function included is "investment", where we guide you through favorable investment packages.

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Image by Denise Jans

Movie Recommender

A movie recommender system that simply recommends the top 5 movies related to a movie you select or have watched before.

Image by Denise Jans

Virtual Machine Workshop (VR / AR)

This project is designed to simulate how different machines work in a Workshop, from the drilling, milling, robotic arm operations to lathe operations. The Concept is to minimize machining training and prototyping costs while giving users the same feel when operating a live machine.